Koh Chang Beaches

Koh Chang Beach Guide

Officially, the island of Ko Chang is divided into northern and southern administrative parts, but the tourists divide it in their own way – into the west and east.

The west coast is white beaches, many hotels, cafes and restaurants, and almost all the sandy beaches of Koh Chang are located on the west side of the island. The east coast is absolutely charming, consists mainly of stony and pebbly beaches and is not built up by hotels, but most waterfalls are right here. Below, we will only talk about the beaches of the western part of the island, where most tourists go, the beaches of the eastern side are described in a neighboring article, and you can learn about waterfalls from the article ” Waterfalls “.

The description of the beaches is given respectively remoteness from the piers of Koh Chang – from North to South. Do not forget that there are no public sun loungers on any beach on the island, which is not at all a problem, since many prefer to use their own towels and bedding.

Klong Son

The Klong Son Bay and the fishing village of the same name are located in the northern part of Koh Chang Island. Klong Son bay (Klong Son Bay) is located just after a small stretch of seaward hillside at the pier of Ao Sapparod, which is the vast majority of tourists from the continent. Here is the Chinese temple of Saan Chao Phor (in Thai Saan Cha Po), in which, according to legend, the spirit of the island of Ko Chang inhabits .

Also close to the shore of Klong Son are two small islands: Koh Chang Noi (Ko Chang Noi) and Koh Ma Pring (Ko Maing Pring). If you wish, you can rent a kayak or boat at the Ayapura Hotel or Siam Royal View and explore the mangroves of these islands.

4 km from the intersection with 7-eleven on the main road, in the depths of the jungle, is the waterfall Nang Yom (Nang Yom), which dries from November to April. On the beach there are hotels and a villa complex, sima Royal View where holiday homes can be rented.

In Klong Son, there are local cafes, two 7-Eleven mini-markets (one of which is round the clock), fruit shops and markets, open and accessible throughout the day and evenings. Also here you will find the best refueling of the island and a good coffee shop next to it, the office of the national park, with parking which offers a perfect view of the island’s strait and the Buddhist temple of Wat Klong Son (Wat Klong Son) with crematorium.

There are also two golf courses available for playing – one in the complex villas Siam Royal View Koh Chang, the other (Cookies Golf Range) – directly in the village itself, on the way to the Nang Yom waterfall (Nang Yom). Also here is built an Orthodox church on Ko Chang which, unfortunately, does not attract the attention of believers. Moving along the road through serpentines in the direction of the White Sands beach White Send, you can get an unforgettable experience and meet wild macaques on the roadway. In front of the serpentines there is a concrete exit to the Aiyapura Hotel, where there is an excellent park of trampolines and entertainment .

White Sand beach (White Beach Beach)

White Sand beach  fully justifies its name. Thai name of the beach you will see in guides and on maps more than once – Haad Sai Khao (Had Sai Kao). Previously, this beach wore the proud title of the best beach in Koh Chang , but now this title is challenged by others – the wild Wai Chaek and imposing Lonely beach (Lonely Beach).

The length of 2 km, the beach of white sands is the most popular and developed on the island. If you are interested in snorkeling, then the mask and the tube will be glad to visit the coral reef of the beach – at the hotel Koh Chang Hut(Koh Chang Hat).

It is on this beach you will find such a variety of restaurants that you will not find on any other. The beach is completely built up by hotels and hotels – from the northernmost part of it ( White Sand Beach resort and KC Grande resort ) to the southern ( Chang Buri Resort ).

The sandy beach of White Sand Koh Chang is not entirely composed of white sand – due to storms and tides, part of the beach contains brown sand, as well as sea shells and corals brought by the sea. If you climb on foot or on a scooter on the way to the first beach of Klong Son, then here you will find a viewing platform with a breathtaking view of the coast.

In the center of White Sands is  Kacha resort & Spa,  one of the most popular beach hotels, and the budget option for accommodation here is a bungalow complex in the north – just walk along the beach north from the Grand Hotel Grande, and soon you will see Star Beach bungalow, Independent Bo, Rock Sand and others. Next to the hotels of Alina and Ban Pu, you will find a wonderful shop of leather and jewelry from Peace Moon , and a little further away is Koh Chang Grand view resort.

The Macro supermarket has already been built , which has the best selection of products on the island, and is located next to the Chang Buri hotel. When driving from the White Sands beach toward the south on a hill near the hospital, you will find a chopper and sportsbike rental store .

The abundance of restaurants and discos , cafes and shops, combined with the proximity of the sea and the Thai village of Ban Haad Sai Kao make this beach the most visited among tourists. A lot of Spa-centers, small bars with live music and billiards, 7-Eleven and Thai shops will allow you to spend leisure time to your taste.

Between the hotels Kacha resort and Lagoon resort you will find a large store of clothes and souvenirs Findig . At the southernmost tip of the beach on the hill with an impressive view of the sea, the Chang Cliff resort is located, and after it even further, the Anna store, with low prices for European food. Nearby is a workshop for repairing clothes and key duplicates .

A supermarket with European products “Anna store” is a commercial hospital, Koh Chang International hospital, and directly opposite it – a small observation deck .

Pearl Beach

Pearl beach or, in Thai, Haad Kai Mookcan be called one of the most quiet beaches of Koh Chang.

It consists of two small bays with a total length of about 700 meters, and the main road runs half a kilometer from the beach line. There are not a lot of cafes or 7-Eleven shops, only a few local restaurants, a grocery store and a fruit shop.

But this beach can rightly be called shopping – in its beginning on the main road there is a supermarket Tesco Lotus , and in fact the recently opened supermarket Big C, so the prices in the three largest hypermarkets of the island (including Macro on White Send) will be easier to compare – they are within walking distance of each other.

In the water there are also scattered small coral reefs, which are good for snorkeling. On Pearl beach there is a local post office where you can send a postcard to your homeland for only 20 baht (read about this in the section “Communication, Mail, Internet”).

Unfortunately, or fortunately, Pearl Beach – the beach is rocky, so it does not attract dozens of tourists. If you wanted to evaluate the Thai moto industry, then on the main road there is a Honda scooter dealer, and next to it there are shops of books Bookshop Thailand, furniture and accessories Koncept. On the main road of the beach hang the posters of the hotels Koh Chang Resortel and Koh Chang Privilege – the old groomed hotels of the island.


The Chaichet Bay is an ideal place for swimming, fishing from the shore and meeting sunsets. In general, Chaicchet is a part of Klong Prao, its very beginning, but few know about it.

Chaichet starts from the Kerdmanee resort (former Pengwan), which offers daily and monthly accommodation, and ends with the Koh Chang Resort & Spa, Pajamas and Flora I-talay resort. If you have chosen the beach hotel Chai chet on the second line, then you can walk to the beach on the roads passing from the Coconut beach resort or Flora Talay. In the center of Chaichet beach is VJ Island View resort – one of the oldest hotels in Koh Chang. Next to it is a shopping mall VJ plaza consisting of cafes, restaurants, the Big Money exchanger, the bank branch of Siam Commercial bank and the supermarket V-Mart.

In front of Thai Garden Hill are ATV tours, come here to ride a quad bike , but be careful, all their ATVs are old and frayed. Near the Luxury boutique guesthouse there is a refueling. In the southern part of Chaichet beach, opposite the Flora hotel, there is a veterinary clinic for cats and dogs.Hotels located on this beach are Paradise resort & Spa , Coconut beach resort and Chaichet resort .

Recently, just opposite the Paradise Hotel, the Coconut Plaza complex was built – here you will find restaurants, a hair salon, a coffee shop and the famous Mama Tom massage. A romantic viewing platform (more precisely, a rock) is located on the Chaikchet resort, where everyone can easily pass. Towards the end of the beach, a new hotel-hostel Pajamas was built, where cozy bungalows are located in the neighborhood of a good restaurant Nong Bua seafood.

Klong Prao

Klong Prao beach is 14 km from the Ao Sapparod pier and is divided into three parts – a river canal in the central part and a river mouth in the south. In the upper (northern) part of the beach is Klong Prao resort 3 * , and closer to the turn to the Klong Plu waterfall, at the mouth of the river – Aana resort & Spa and Ramayana resort & Spa . Here you will find quiet white beaches, where there are no noisy bars and cafes. To the Klong Plu waterfall from the intersection with the roadway leads an asphalt road, up to it half an hour’s walk. Opposite the Ramayana hotel, in the Thai-Cambodian village of Ban Klong Prao is a school for poor Cambodian children Cambodian kids school, you can always follow the signs and offer teachers small donations in the form of school goods or food, which are always welcome here.

In the last year, visitors to the Thai markets began to operate in the walking distance from the Ramayana hotel , so if you hear the noise of Thai karaoke in the evening, then know that it is him, and be sure to visit him, the spirit of the village color is assured!The central part of Klong Prao beach in terms of infrastructure is considered the most developed.

There is a 7-Eleven store, all kinds of local cafes, Crust bakery and GSB bank branch. Also in this part of the island is the temple of Wat Klong Prao (Wat Klong Prao) – one of the many Buddhist temples of Koh Chang. Centara Tropicana resort & Spa , Barali beach resort, Panviman resort & Spa are four-star hotels on this part of the beach. Opposite the Centar Tropicana hotel and the Blue Lagoon bungalow is the best massage of Sima massage !

On the beach of Klong Prao is also regularly runs a car with which Thai tea and coffee are sold for takeaway, so do not hesitate to stop her with a wave of your hand and try Thai drinks. The southern part of Klong Prao beach is a beach with coconut palms, separated on one side of the  Centara Tropicana hotel by a narrow river through which to wade, and from the Kai Bay beach from the south by a rocky beach and corals where you can see fishermen with spinning in the evenings.

You will find here a Sing Tong supermarket, The Emerald Cove , The Dewa , local cafes, fruit shops and Thai restaurants. The only dentistry Koh Chang is right here. Not far from Sofia resort is the last refueling towards the village of Bang Bao , excluding, of course, the enterprising Thais who everywhere sell gasoline in bottles. The hotel Sofia there sauna Koh Chang , open to all visitors. On the second line there are bungalows Noren resort – high-quality service of the hotel and a good location attract many Europeans. At the end of Klong Prao are inexpensive hotels and bungalows, rented out weekly and monthly – Baan Lan Thai, Chok Dee resort and, of course, the best Moonlight resort .

Kai Bae

Recently, Kai Bae is considered one of the most attractive beaches on the island.

Cliff Beach resort , Gajapuri resort & Spa , Coral resort and Kai Bae Hut are located on the shores of a turquoise lagoon, which in some places is covered with corals with tropical fish living in it. Koh Man Nai and Koh Yuak islands can be reached by kayak in half an hour, where you will be alone with an uninhabited island, coral beaches and a couple of tourists looking for tropical oblivion.

At the very beginning of the beach, next to the Cliff Beach Resort was recently built Anna is a supermarket and right there is a coffee shop called Marin coffee with sweets and ice cream. Near the hotel Chang park resort and next to the minimarket 7-eleven on the main road there is a good Friends Seafood restaurant.

Also on Kai Ba3 lives a chiropractor Dee , who heals the back and bones to all comers. Not far from the central bakery Papa deli & bakery is a cozy European hotel Garden resort with excellent service. In the south of the Kai Bay beach, the new gym Monkey gym has recently opened.

And at the main road of Kai Bay after the second 7-eleven there are good houses Paradise bungalows ; Also here you will find restaurants, bank branches, local cafes and clothing markets.

In 2016, in the center of the beach opened a new hotel Awa resort , near which is the famous complex of private houses Koh Chang residence (Koh Chang residence) . If you climb up the road to the hill towards Lonely beach you will see the observation deck of Koh Chang Island- with a stunning view of the sea, the surrounding islands and beautiful sunsets.

Around the mini market Tesco Lotus express you will find a dining room “with a girl” Took Ka Ta Kai Moon and opposite it – a wonderful restaurant Sharky’s. On the southern sandy beach, the Kai Bae beach resort is located , and at the very end of Kai Bay Beach, on a hill, the Seaview resort and Spa occupy a huge green area . Between the hotels of Kai Bay Beach and Seaview, far from the main road is the hotel Mam Kai Bae, popular among Pattaya Russian and Chinese tourists, as well as bungalows Porn’s bungalow, like the long-traveler.

Lonely beach

Lonely beach. Lonely beach. It was here in the mid-90’s began to come the first travelers who opened Koh Chang to the tourist world.

At that time, the asphalt road ended on the Kai Bae beach in front of the hills and serpentines, and it was only possible to get to the beach from the Kai Bae Hut pier by boat, so this beach was called “lonely” by Lonely Beach. It stretches fora couple of kilometers, the southern part of which rests on the village of Bailan.

Going down from the north side – you will capture amazing views of the sea and the southern beaches of the island. There are no supermarkets 7-Eleven on Lonely, but you will find its local understudy – Thai 7-days. There are also few hotels of the European level – Bhumiyama beach resort and Siam beach resort .

Closer to the end of the beach on the main road is located BB Gym , and next – the Belgian restaurant World of Tapas. By the way, in the gym, among other things, they teach yoga . Almost the whole roadside is occupied by bungalows on stilts (for example, Exotic bungalows), which are the refuge of most tourists.

At the same time, it is here that a cheerful European youth company, many local cafes and restaurants are provided. The most “green” discos also take place on this beach: on Friday in Siam bar, on Thursday and Saturday in Himmel, and on Sunday – Nature bar. A

In sunny and dry weather on the main road Lonely beach come out of the jungle wild macaque, which dig in garbage cans or simply scurry through the wires of power lines, so take photos neatly, the monkeys fall in all the shiny and bright.

Advertising posters prohibit the feeding of them, because in recent years they often fall under the wheels of cars, dealing with unlucky tourists parking on the roadway. Also on Lonely Beach you have the opportunity to make a high-quality and inexpensive tattoo , here it is an entire industry, so a choice of tattoo parlor can take many days.

Bailan beach

Bay of Bailan Bay – Bailan bay (Bailan beach) – one of the most quiet and peaceful places on the island of Koh Chang. On this beach, few people come after White Send and Kai Bae, but, paradoxically, here is the hotel Mercure Hideaway – luxury hotel with turquoise pools on the beach.

Also on the first line there are Bailan beach resort, White house, Gu’s bay, Green cottage. If you need a quiet place to stay near cafes and discos – Bailan will do just fine, because just behind the turn in the northern part of the beach is Lonely beach. In the center of the beach is the Muay Thai Camp – Muay Thai local boxing camp, which provides volunteers not only with daily activities, but also accommodation in the nearest bungalows.

The location of the beach itself is convenient – in the north of it is a European get-together, and in the south – the fishing village of Bang Bao. Apart from the jungle of the beach, the Mangrove bungalow is located, retreat and peace are guaranteed! On the second line of the beach are the hotels Lazy republique and Tarzan island.

There are local cafes and restaurants, an ATM, a Bailan herbal sauna and an internet cafe. At the very end of Bailan beach, after the Mercur hotel,Tree Top Adventure Park , be careful when approaching it – the road sharply goes up and often the scooter drivers find themselves in the ditch.Bailan bay – coral bay on the western part of the island.

Bang Bao

Bang Bao is the most famous fishing village on Koh Chang Island . The village of Bang Bao itself is located along a pier that goes far into the sea – here all the shops, restaurants and bungalows stand on piles.

The nearest sandy beach is Klong Kloi beach , about 1km away. There are islands of hotel serenity – Nirvana Resort, Bang bao sea hut, as well as many wooden bungalows in Thai style. On the note, the Nirvana hotel has an attractive romantic terrace . T

he road that passes by the local school and the temple of Wat Bang Bao breaks off in the jungle a few kilometers away – a story about it you can find in the section ” Koh Chang”. The pier has a local cafe, a 7-Eleven store, and most of the offices of diving centers are also located right here. If you want to buy trifles reminiscent of the island – it is worth to visit the fishing pier. Here, in a small market, there are traditional Thai magnets, clothes, paintings and ornaments.

At the beginning of the pier, they sell dried fruits and fish, which are souvenirs from the island of Ko Chang . Around 7-Eleven on the road you will see a shop with Nepalese and Tibetan decorations . If you’re lucky, you’ll find and photograph Ko Chang’s mascot .

Also in the second half of the pier is the authentic “Peace Moon” store with leather and stone products and a bar with delicious cocktails.Tree fishermen on stilts on the southern tip of the island.

Certainly, fish restaurants in the village of Bang Bao deserve a special word. If you are on the island of Koh Chang, you simply have to go here and try the royal prawns, oysters or squid. Here are some of the restaurants we tested – Lom Talay, Ruan Thai, Chowlay. There are about a dozen good restaurants on the pier and in general, it does not really matter which one to choose – they all offer fresh seafood and fish. You can inquire about the price, for example, on a slope and try to bargain, and if you managed to “throw off” the price by 10-15%, then you can safely go inside.

Had Sai Noi

The smallest sandy beach of the west side of Koh Chang is located between the complex of apartments Tranquility Bay and the beginning of the next beach Klong Kloi.

The beach of Had Sai Noi is about 100 meters long, but several  bungalows eg Indie Beach,  Ido Ido restaurant, a couple of restaurants and a DJambe bar with special parties on Mondays have already settled down. Definitely, the beach will suit hippies and informal people.

Klong Kloi

The sandy beach Klong Kloi, which claims to be the best beach of the island, is located behind the pier of Bang Bao. You can get to it on a rented scooter or “songtau” by driving along the main road of the island for 2 kilometers straight on the road, without turning to the pier of Bang Bao.

Pristine beach, fine sand, blue water and palm trees literally make you forget everything in the world.

If you like to swim with a mask among soft corals, tropical fish and sea urchins, then you should come here at least once. Small local shops and cafes will not leave anyone hungry. Here are the hotels Chivapuri Resort, Tropical beach resort and, at the very end, Aunchaleena, the place of a cluster of packaged tourists.